The right finishing system makes the difference between a finished product and a well-made profitable product

  • Lasers for high speed contour cutting, prototyping, and embellishing
  • Heat presses designed for the multitude of substrates and volume needs
  • Dye fixation solutions for digital decoration of natural fiber textiles
  • Pretreatments & coatings for optimized print fidelity and washfastness
The right finishing system makes the difference between a finished product and a well-made profitable product

Axiom America, LLC, true to it’s PROPS system, has a keen understanding of the myriad of variables associated with finishing.  Optimizing for weight of paper, fabric composition, ink types and environmental considerations, we focus our decades of experience on helping our clients choose the right equipment for their specific requirements and educating them through the production process.  The finishing function in one’s business is of utmost importance for their profitability.

Heat Presses

Roll Press

Used in large format signage, home fashions, and pre-cut rolled goods, roll presses are popular in high volume and continuous roll fabric production. Tension control for stretch in fabrics is paramount with this type of production.

Flat Press

Often used for pre-assembled and finished items, thick and/or rigid materials, flat presses can be heated from the top, bottom, or both.  Pressure and the smoothness of release are important considerations. Tacky papers make this production style easiest.


Narrow Fabrics, Lanyard, Ribbon, and Vacuum Presses along with ovens are other styles of presses that can be used for specialty applications.

Cut Parts

Common uses for a Cut Parts Machine include blankets, mats, pre-cut pattern panels, and assorted flexible promotional goods.

Dye Setting


Required for binding acid, reactive, and high energy disperse inks, the steaming function activates the chemical bond between fabric precoating and ink creating a vibrant, long lasting print.


Direct printed fabrics have an excess of inks that need to be washed off prior to sale. Effective industrial washing solutions for digitally printed fabrics are key to a happy customer.

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