Supplies to not only keep your business operating, but operating at its optimal best

  • Inks for your specific digital transfer and direct-to-textile application
  • Papers that cover the gamut of your unique productions requirements
  • Coatings and pretreatments to optimize print quality, color vibrancy, and longevity

Axiom America, LLC, true to it’s PROPS system, has a keen understanding of the myriad of variables associated with finishing.  Optimizing for weight of paper, fabric composition, ink types and environmental considerations, we focus our decades of experience on helping our clients choose the right equipment for their specific requirements and educating them through the production process.  The finishing function in one’s business is of utmost importance for their profitability.


Axiom has selected an array of inks based on a number of factors pertinent to the ongoing success of our customer base. Consistency of Quality, Availability, Delivered Gamut, and Printability, as well as competitive cost and unparalleled warranty support are the metrics that must be optimized. Axiom currently offers eight brands of ink, each of which provide numerous variations and specializations within their functional purpose. This constant evaluation process allows Axiom to recommend and provide the optimal ink solution for the specific output requirement or productivity desired.


Axiom America’s portfolio of sublimation transfer paper is among the most complete in the industry. Comprised of multiple paper weights and coatings, our papers meet the requirements of today’s rapidly expanding and diverse textile decorating business. The combination of fast drying papers for high speed printers, lightweight cost-centric papers, heavyweight papers for greater operational stability, tack papers for precision graphics, and the industry’s leading technical expertise provide an unparalleled solution for your transfer needs.

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